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Why has this Keto Lite: Safe for Moms meal plan been developed?

**A lot of moms have been requesting more of a keto style meal plan. ** **A classic ketogenic diet is very hard to follow. It is 90% fats 8% protein and 2% carbs. It is used therapeutically for people with medical issues, and what was discovered, is that it benefits weight loss as well. ** **Most people that say the…

How will eating in this way (Keto Lite: Safe for Moms) benefit/increase your weight loss efforts?

**Filling up on fats and protein can make you feel fuller for longer. Reducing grains and simple carbohydrates is less inflammatory on your digestive system, improves insulin signalling, and can reduce bloating.** **By focusing on making your calorie intake nutrient dense, and not filling it up with refined carbs, it…

What are the key points that make the Keto Lite meal plan different to the other THM meal plans?

**One of the biggest differences you will notice is the amounts of fats used. ** **When following our Keto lite: safe for moms plan, we are aiming for a greater percentage of the weight of the meal to be from good fats. ** **To achieve this we may use reduced fat dairy or other products and add extra amounts of oliv…

Why is THM Keto Lite: Safe for Moms better for moms and families compared with a full ketogenic diet?

**There’s a few reasons why the keto lite: safe for moms plan is better for moms: ** 1. **It allows for more flexibility for eating with your family. The Healthy Mommy promotes a balanced eating style that supports long term health for the whole family, not just a short term strict plan for weight loss. Although, o…

How has THM Keto Lite: Safe for Moms meal plan been developed?

**When our Nutritionist designed The Healthy Mummy keto lite: safe for moms meal plan, the recipes selected were closer to a low carb, moderate protein and moderate to high fat split. ** **We’ve allowed a variation in each macro-nutrient so our mums/moms have more flexibility in meal planning and offer a wider range …

How can you make this meal plan family friendly?

**To make this meal plan suitable for the whole family, you may need to increase the portions of protein and carbs for the non-weight loss eaters. ** **For example, with the main meals that are just meat and vegetable based, you may want to cook a tiny amount of rice or quinoa for the kids or your partner.**

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