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Why is THM Keto Lite: Safe for Moms better for moms and families compared with a full ketogenic diet?

There’s a few reasons why the keto lite: safe for moms plan is better for moms: 

  1. It allows for more flexibility for eating with your family. The Healthy Mommy promotes a balanced eating style that supports long term health for the whole family, not just a short term strict plan for weight loss. Although, our plans support weight loss, the end goal to be a healthy mommy is to eat a healthy balanced diet the whole family benefits from! 

  2. It is not as restricted as a strict ketogenic plan

  3. We aren’t going into ketosis, so we don’t have to worry about the negative side effects like “keto-flu”or your thyroid hormones becoming unbalanced.

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  • 30-Sep-2019